Please fill out the form below.  Our transfer fees are:

  • Shotguns/Rifles/Handguns: $30 First firearm, $10 for each additional firearm
  • Receivers: $30 for one receiver, $40 for 2-5 receivers, $50 for 6-10 receivers.  We do not advise transferring more than 10 receivers at a time.
  • Police/Veterans/Military/Texas LTC holders: $10 off your total transfer cost!
Our preferred communication method is email, but we need a phone number in case we don't get a timely response via email.

Dealer Information

NOTE: We always treat "non-business" email addresses (ending in,, etc.) as private sellers. We will contact these individuals first to verify if they are an FFL or not. This may cause slight delays, but this is the only way we can genuinely verify a dealer is authentic when they use non-business emails). The ATF does not allow us to transmit our license information to private sellers, so this is a required step for us.
This is not required, but helps us track the firearm.

You acknowledge that you are compliant with all laws such that you will not be denied a transfer. Transfer denials WILL result in a $50 denial fee, plus all costs associated with returning the firearm(s). In the event that the firearm(s) cannot be returned, you acknowledge that Old Cannon, LLC may sell the firearm. You will be provided the proceeds of the sale less a 25% auctioning fee, in addition to the $50 denial fee.

You also acknowledge that you will successfully transfer the firearm within 28 days of being notified by Old Cannon, LLC. Storage fees apply after 28 days, and for every successive 28th day. Storage fees are $20 per period for handguns and receivers, $30 per period for long guns.