Use this simple form to notify The Old Cannon Armory that you have purchased a firearm to be transferred.  It is critical that you make sure your email address is correct, as that is the only mechanism we will use to contact you (we will not call you).  Please take the time to read “Buying A Gun Over The Internet” to understand all the implications of your purchase.  If you think there is any chance you can get a denial during a background check, do NOT do business with us — you will be hit denial processing fees upward of $100 if the FBI does not clear your denial within 60 days.

Transfer Fees

Remember: Texas CHL holders, veterans, fire, and police will receive a $10 discount from the TOTAL transfer fee.

  • First firearm: $30
  • Additional firearms on same 4473: $10 per
  • “Bulk Discount” for receiver-only transfers:
    • 2-5 Receivers: $40
    • 6-10 Receivers: $50
  • Class III (NFA) items: $50 per Form 4.